Embroidered stories.

On early post I was not completely satisfied with one story, I finished it 2 weeks ago and embroidered new ones. I tried to make another one without my "hanging forms" but it feels a bit naked. Those forms are integrated in a lot of my other works,drawings,rice-works. Now I started on a light-blue cotton underground with inspiration from my window photographs combined with stories.
It's not the idea to embroider my entire photograph.

Here the beginning of it.

3 reacties:

  1. Mooi! Mooie interessante foto ook als uitgangspunt.

  2. ik vind ze zo samen erg, erg leuk! wat fijn om je werk zo te kunnen zien. charmant, hoor.

  3. Dankjewel, jullie 2.
    @ woolf...charmant, dat klinkt goed!


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