Oooh...these prints !

Everytime  I see beautiful prints,colors or patterns it gives me inspiration. 
And look at these, aren't they wonderful !! It is so inviting!

I found them at Noeks..I couldn't resist and ordered a surprise package :-)

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  1. hello, lovely place you have here. Great selection. Are they fabrics? The little red flowers on the blue background is really sweet and has that lovely vintage look.

  2. wow, these are so pretty, reminds me Japanese chiyogami. Your blog is truly an eye candy!

  3. Wow pretty!
    Bedankt voor je lieve reactie :)


  4. Oh thank you for your lovely comments..I appreciate it very much!!

    And yes these are all fabrics!Today I got my surprise ideas are popping up :-)

  5. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry you couldn't get the "follow" thing to work!

    Yes, I love your pattern choices too! Very fun.

    Love your blog and have become a follower.

  6. Those prints are lovely and I agree, they are very inspiring! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  7. noeks heeft een fijn winkeltje!

  8. Wow, wat een prachtige prints zeg! Om heel blij van te worden!


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