Fresh from the market.

It's so nice to go to the market with all those fresh vegetables,the vegetables smell better,taste better then from the supermarket ! Does anyone know the name of this red fruit on the second photograph? I know it's from a cactus.

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  1. it's funny. it looks like an exotic fish, up front. but i'm sorry, no. don't know the name. could it just be plain cactus fruit? :)))
    i like your composition in image 1 too.

  2. :-)
    Wonderful pictures!

  3. I searched on the internet ;-) and this is what I found
    De pitaya (ook wel bekend als pitahaya of dragonfruit = drakenfruit).

  4. Oh... mystery !!! I really don't know this red vegetable !!! Nice to visit your blog and thanks for sharing ; )

  5. It's drakenfruit!
    We love it, the children like it for it's form and name.

    Happy week!

  6. It's dragonfruit. They just told me at the greengrocery!!!

  7. that's pitaya, the dragon fruit, yes.
    and i love the wallpaper or the behind you used for photos.

  8. Yes dragonfruit! So pretty. I'm planning on growing some soon!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! x

  9. It's a dragonfruit :) That one looks quite little though, I'm used to them being about the size of a tea saucer. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, greetings from NZ.


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