Yesterday we went to the taste summer. We drove about 2 hours and when we came in Zeeland ,it was cloudy,windy and raining . After a few hours the sun was shining again, in the meanwhile we drunk a lot of cappucino's ;-)

I love the fragility of poppies,

but these larvea i find scary. The larvea were hanging in trees with so many...brrr goosebumps !!

I love my dog Limuna. She had a really nice swimming day !

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  1. Haa, zo te zien hebben jullie het heerlijk gehad daar!
    Mooie foto's hoor, die lieve Limuna...hebben jullie nog samen gezwommen? :)

  2. it´s hot in finland just now-
    would like to be there where your adorable limuna is :)
    let´s enjoy!

  3. natuurlijk nét als je naar zee gaat. Gelukkig werd het dan toch nog een beetje mooi.

  4. Aggos, wat een lieve hond, lieve foto! :-)

  5. hello limuna! such a sweet face! enjoy many more swimming days.

  6. Thank you for your comments.Yes, I hope that Limuna has more swimming with us. Because she's mistreated!She was so frightened,even frightened by the rustling leaves on the trees!!
    Now it's much better, she plays a lot that's a good sign.


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